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Tea is a healthy supplement to coffee. Green and black teas are the most common ones. Herbal teas are listed in a different category.

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Tea Buying Guide

The good old cup of tea is still one of our favourite drinks, but these days, that cuppa is not always traditional black tea with milk. There's a vast array of exotic and flavoured teas to try, and they all bring something different to the table.

If you want a mild tea, one light and low in caffeine, look for white or oolong tea. For more flavour and aroma, but still on the lighter side, green tea is the way to go. Traditional black tea has much bolder and stronger flavours, and unlike white or green tea, it tastes pretty good with a dash of milk. 

Our taste for tea is becoming broader, so spicier teas like chai are now popular, with an enticing blend of cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, cloves, and ginger, usually sweetened with honey and vanilla to soften that spicy edge. Fruit teas are also taking up more shelf space as we search for something different.

You also have a choice between loose leaf and teabags. Teabags are the ultimate in teapot required. However, loose leaf tea is widely regarded as offering as fuller taste since the water comes into direct contact with the leaf which promotes the release of all those flavours. However, a growing number of premium teas are now available in teabags, as new bag materials which promote infusion come to the fore. These new bags appeal as a great combination of flavour and convenience.

No matter what tea you choose, you'll enjoy great health benefits. Antioxidants in tea are well known as being essential for good health, while vitamins, found particularly in fruit teas, will never go astray.