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Frozen Dessert Pastries

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Aunt Betty's(1)
Heritage Delight(1)
I Love Pies(2)
Lincoln Bakery(1)
Sara Lee(5)
Sun Valley Foods(1)
Van Diermen(1)
Wicked Sister(2)
Product Name Brand Price Unit price
Denheath Original Vanilla Custard Slice 450g Denheath $10.49 $2.33/100g
Denheath Original Vanilla Custard Slice 750g Denheath $19.99 $2.67/100g
I Love Pies Salted Caramel Apple Pie 500g I Love Pies $10.99 $2.20/100g
I Love Pies Sweet Apple Pie 500g I Love Pies $10.99 $2.20/100g
Pams Chocolate Mini Eclairs 250g Pams $3.49 $1.40/100g
Lincoln Bakery Sleeved Brandy Snaps 8ea Lincoln Bakery $3.99 $0.50/each
Nanna's Apricot Pies 450g Nanna's $5.00 $1.11/100g
Paneton Ready To Bake Croissants 6ea Paneton $7.49 $1.25/each
Sara Lee Apple Crumble 600g Sara Lee $5.49 $0.92/100g
Wicked Sister Chocolate Mousse 80g pottles 2pk 160g Wicked Sister $4.89 $6.11/100g
Van Diermen Mini Vanilla Cream Puffs 250g Van Diermen $4.99 $2.00/100g
Hansells Creme Brulee Dessert Mix 70g Hansells $1.09 $1.56/100g
Hansells Mousse Chocolate Flavour Dessert 70g Hansells $1.09 $1.56/100g
Gregg's Lemon Jelly Crystals 85g Gregg's $0.89 $1.05/100g
Gregg's Blueberry Jelly Crystals 85g Gregg's $0.85 $1.00/100g
Aeroplane Strawberry Flavour Lite Jelly Crystals 2pk Aeroplane $1.79 $0.90/pack
Aeroplane Vanilla Berry Flavour Lite Jelly Crystals 2pk Aeroplane $1.79 $0.90/pack
Aeroplane Raspberry Flavour Lite Jelly Crystals 2pk Aeroplane $1.79 $0.90/pack
Aunt Betty's Fruit In Peaches 4pk Aunt Betty's $2.49 $0.62/pack
Heritage Delight Mini Nests 12pk Heritage Delight $3.99 $0.33/pack
Pams Custard Powder Dessert 300g Pams $1.95 $0.65/100g
Pams Cream Puffs 250g Pams $3.49 $1.40/100g
Marcel's Ooh La La Gluten Free Crepes 8ea Marcel's $5.99 $0.75/each
Nanna's Waffles Original 12 Each 200g Nanna's $3.49 $0.29/each
Nanna's Golden & Crispy Apple Pies 4Pk 450g Nanna's $4.99 $1.25/pack
Paneton Pain Au Chocolat Petit 12ea Paneton $11.99 $1.00/each
Paneton Pain Au Chocolat Grand 6ea Paneton $11.99 $2.00/each
Paneton Ready To Bake Pain Au Chocolat 6ea Paneton $6.98 $1.16/each
Sara Lee Deep Dish Apple Pie With Crumble Top 800g Sara Lee $7.50 $0.94/100g
Sara Lee Apple & Berry Pie With Crumble 600g Sara Lee $5.39 $0.90/100g
Sara Lee Classic Apple Pie 600g Sara Lee $6.89 $1.15/100g
Sara Lee Deep Dish Baked Apple Pie 800g Sara Lee $7.50 $0.94/100g
Sun Valley Foods Semolina Fine Desserts 600g Sun Valley Foods $2.49 $0.42/100g
Edmonds Custard Powder 300g Edmonds $1.98 $0.66/100g
Wicked Sister Tiramisu Dessert 2pk 170g Wicked Sister $4.99 $2.50/pack
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