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Canterbury Biltong(3)
Waiheke Island(2)
Product Name Brand Price Unit price
Ceres Organic Green Olives 315g Ceres $10.50 $3.33/100g
Freedom Farms Free Farmed Shaved Ham 100g Freedom $7.40 $7.40/100g
Phoenix Gluten Free Mince Savouries 6 pack Phoenix $14.98 $2.50/pack
Canterbury Biltong Original Flavour 100g Canterbury Biltong $10.80 $10.80/100g
Canterbury Biltong Original Bierstick 25g Canterbury Biltong $2.19 $8.76/100g
Canterbury Biltong Garlic Biltong 100g Canterbury Biltong $10.80 $10.80/100g
Franks Sausages Chicken French Tarragon 6 Pack 300g Frank's $11.98 $2.00/pack
Franks Sausages Frankfurters 5 Pack 330g Frank's $11.98 $2.40/pack
Genevieve's Orginal Chicken Liver Parfait 100g Genevieve's $8.49 $8.49/100g
Harmony Beef Classic Sausage 6 Pack Harmony $10.98 $1.83/pack
Harmony Frozen Free Range Pork Belly 500g Harmony $22.60 $4.52/100g
Ceres Organic Kalamata Olives 320g Ceres $10.50 $3.28/100g
Canterbury Biltong Smokey BBQ Biltong 100g Canterbury $10.80 $10.80/100g
Phoenix Gluten Free Mince and Cheese Pie Phoenix $6.98
Phoenix Gluten Free Steak Pie Phoenix $6.60
Phoenix Gluten Free Steak and Cheese Pie Phoenix $6.98
Phoenix Gluten Free Frozen Sausage Rolls 4 pack Phoenix $13.98 $3.50/pack
Waiheke Island Herb Spread Organic With Garlic 200g Waiheke Island $15.30 $7.65/100g
Waiheke Island Herb Spread Organic Garlic Free 200g Waiheke Island $15.30 $7.65/100g
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